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Dr-chantilis at ASRM2015

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Samuel Chantilis, M.D. attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Baltimore last month and it marked his 25th consecutive year. The physicians of Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates commit to the educational symposium year after year because it benefits each patient they serve as well as the global infertility community.

This year, the Dallas fertility specialists were approved for five poster presentations to exhibit research findings among their peers in reproductive medicine.

“I’m excited to be here at ASRM,” said Dr. Chantilis from the exhibit hall. “People are talking about the exciting advances in reproductive medicine — like the change in cryopreservation protocols from slow freeze to vitrification, and the optimal timeframe for thawing frozen embryos for PGS biopsy.”

The buzz about PGS at #ASRM2015

Preimplantation genetic screening, or PGS, is a test initiated in the IVF lab and completed at a genetics lab. Results empower men and women with information about the chromosomal health of their embryos so that they can choose to transfer those with the best chance for developing into healthy babies.

Dr. Chantilis noted that patients at his Dallas fertility center now wish to access frozen embryos, test them with PGS and then refreeze them. His patients are asking about how this will affect their pregnancy rates, and whether to thaw embryos or wait until a scheduled FET, frozen embryo transfer.

“Multiple freezes and thaws do not appear to impair FET success following trophectoderm biopsy and PGS,” says the founder of our Dallas fertility center.

PGS research results reassure patients who wish to thaw/refreeze embryos

In research presented at #asrm2015, the Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates physicians found that patients who proceeded to freeze-thaw-freeze aneuploid embryos (those that are chromosomally balanced) had a comparable pregnancy rate as the control group.

Dr. Chantilis calls this “fantastic” news that should reassure patients with frozen embryos who are considering PGS.

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