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Ovarian Reserve Testing

Our Dallas fertility center experts explain ovarian reserve testing Conservative statistics reveal that 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. In our Dallas fertility center, we work with our patients to identify and treat common causes of infertility. During a complete fertility evaluation, our physicians will rule out issues such as blocked tubes, hormonal imbalances…

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Dallas Fertility Fertility Testing Ovarian Reserve

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Genetic Testing In Infancy, Before You Get Pregnant, or When You Show Symptoms

eggs and embryo facts: blastocyst photo

Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates offers a test that is relatively inexpensive, easy to take and offers results that can be life altering. A simple blood or saliva test tells us if individual genes are producing abnormal proteins, or if a short strand of DNA is abnormally arranged (i.e. genes are missing or added to…

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