Genetic Testing In Infancy, Before You Get Pregnant, or When You Show Symptoms

eggs and embryo facts: blastocyst photo

Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates offers a test that is relatively inexpensive, easy to take and offers results that can be life altering. A simple blood or saliva test tells us if individual genes are producing abnormal proteins, or if a short strand of DNA is abnormally arranged (i.e. genes are missing or added to…

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Dallas Fertility embryo facts Fertility Testing PGD/PGS preconception testing

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Dallas Fertility Associates Offers New Technology to Increase Pregnancy Odds for Infertile Couples

Dallas, Texas – December 19, 2011 – Infertility affects one in eight couples. Specialists at Dallas Fertility Associates work to determine causes of infertility and offer solutions to produce the healthy babies these couples desire. Recently, Dallas Fertility Associates has begun using trophectoderm biopsy to identify the best embryos for implantation, improving the chances of…

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Day 5 Biopsy IVF lab PGD/PGS Press Release

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