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Dallas Fertility Donor Egg Services

During their quest for parenthood, some couples take a less common path that involves the use of donor eggs. After a thorough evaluation that includes diagnosis and testing, the fertility specialists at our Dallas, TX fertility clinic may recommend donor eggs to bring your dreams of a healthy baby to life.

If you decide to explore this option, Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates and IVF Center earns a reputation as one of the largest donor egg programs* in Texas. We comprehensively screen each donor and have stringent standards in place to protect our patients and ensure the best possible results.

The Solution You Need

When a couple struggles with female or male infertility, our fertility specialists, Dr. Samuel J. Chantilis, Dr. Karen L. Lee or Dr. Mika R. Thomas, may suggest donor eggs as the recommended infertility treatment.

Donor Egg services can help in situations such as:

  • For women over age 35 or those with low ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure.
  • Individuals with certain genetic conditions, egg donation bridges the gap and enables these women to experience the joy of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • After cancer treatment, either partner may need to consider donor egg or donor sperm because chemotherapy or radiation may negatively impact fertility.

If you have struggled to conceive, Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates can offer advanced therapies and rays of hope for a bright future. Contact our office to find out if donor egg services might provide the answers you are looking for to bring a beautiful baby into your life.

The Texas Donor Egg Program section of our Website features in-depth information on how to donate your eggs.

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*SART egg donor data 2011