Premier Donor Egg Bank

Here at Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates, we are proud to partner with MyEggBank, one of the premier donor egg banks in North America.  This partnership allows us to offer the largest and most diverse selection of egg donor options to our patients. MyEggBank partners with more than 100 clinics throughout the United States and as a result, has facilitated over 4,400 live births.  MyEggBank also provides the following benefits:

  • Access to a secure online database
  • Package pricing available
  • Proven outcomes
  • Guarantee of  one or two quality blastocysts (Day 5 embryos)

We are also proud to share that our lab recruits local egg donors from the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  These donors undergo the monitoring, stimulation and egg retrieval process at one of our facilities. This additional resource provides reassurance that egg donors are getting the same quality care you’ve come to expect from Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associate staff and providers. 

How Do I Know If I Should Use An Egg Donor? 

Patients that choose to use an egg donor have often tried to get pregnant using their own eggs first, but have not been successful.  Factors such as genetic history, age, and medical conditions may prevent you from using your eggs. Using an egg donor comes with a high chance of success.  Pregnancy rates with frozen egg donation often fall in the 45-55% range, while pregnancy rates with fresh egg donation are historically higher in the 65-75% range.  By using a donor egg, your chances of success will correlate with the age of the egg. If donor eggs are used when the patient is 40, but the donor was 25, the chances of success will be that of the 25 year old. Involving a third party as part of your family building does involve a bit of extra care, so please consult with a provider at our clinic to discuss your specific goals and next steps.  

How Does The Egg Donor Process Work?

Since Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates is one of MyEggBank’s approved affiliate centers, all testing and procedures for the patient can be done locally.  Once you are a patient at our clinic, you will create a MyEggBank account. Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates will then provide MyEggBank with the necessary lab results and information to proceed to the next step. 

Once this step is complete, you can look through the site and browse egg donors.  The site will contain very specific information about the donor including photos, medical history, psychological evaluations, and genetic information.  

You will work with our third-party care team at Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates to coordinate the chosen donor eggs, fertilization, embryo transfer, and additional items as needed.  The thawing of the eggs, fertilization, and transfer will happen at one of our Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates clinics. If you have additional questions about egg donors, please read our donor egg FAQ page. 

Can I Donate My Eggs? 

At Dallas Fort-Worth Associates, we are always looking for quality egg donors.  In the egg donation process, a healthy woman between the ages of 21-30 will donate her eggs with the intention of an infertile woman using them in the future.  Many women are incapable of producing their own healthy eggs, and by offering to donate yours, you will give a family a chance to have a child of their own. Please read our egg donor FAQs to learn more about the process. 

If you are interested in learning more about the donor egg process, contact our fertility specialists at Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates today. 


About the Author: 

Samuel Chantilis, M.D. is a highly trained and experienced infertility specialist in his hometown of Dallas, TX. He is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and has been practicing in Texas since completing his training in 1993.  Dr. Chantilis was a faculty member at UT Southwestern Medical School for five and a half years before entering private practice in January 1999 at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Dr. Chantilis has been the leading provider of IVF services at the Presbyterian Hospital ARTS program since 1999, having conducted approximately 2,500 egg retrievals.