Dr. Laura Lawrence’s Personal Journey with PCOS


I’m Dr. Laura Lawrence, and I would like to explain my very personal reason for choosing to be a Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility specialist).


My own experience with PCOS not only shaped my career, but it also affects the way I interact with my patients every day.

Like most young women, when I initially started having periods they were very irregular. Eventually, I went to a gynecologist. My first visit was traumatic because her communication skills were pretty poor. There was no preamble, no explanation–just a speculum examination, and I had to fill in the rest of it for myself. After the exam, I had many questions, but during the appointment, I was in and out, and that was it.

How PCOS Led to Putting Patients First

After that first visit to the gynecologist, I developed a cyst that ruptured. The specialist who examined me noticed the shape of my ovaries, and he told me I probably had PCOS. He said, “I don’t think that you’ll be able to have children.” I was distraught by this. I was only 14 or 15 at the time, and I was so frightened that I would never have a baby.

I believe these initial experiences helped me to understand some of the fears and concerns of women facing fertility issues. When I went to medical school, I knew I could embrace taking care of women because I remember so clearly how I felt. I knew that developing a great bedside manner and communication with the patient was so important. I strive to focus on the patient, ensuring that I put her questions, her needs, and her experiences first.

PCOS and Infertility

My recommendation to women with PCOS or other fertility concerns is to come in and get an opinion. There is so much hope for patients with PCOS. Modern medicine, in most instances, can help us to begin a family or to grow a family. With the proper care and treatment, PCOS has a very, very good prognosis.

At Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we can help you with PCOS and other issues that may be affecting your fertility. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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