If you have received a cancer diagnosis, your main focus will be finding effective treatment and beating cancer. The physicians at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates understand this strategy and will support these efforts whole-heartedly. Many men and women, however, don’t realize that fertility preservation is an option that would protect their ability to conceive once they receive a clean bill of health.

What You Should Know about Fertility Preservation

As you consider how to move forward with treatment, keep the following points in mind about fertility preservation:

  • The odds are on your side
    Early diagnosis and advanced treatments mean that many cancers, including breast cancer, have high survival rates and patients can expect to live long, full lives. At Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we want to help you plan for the future and life after cancer.
  • We will prioritize your case
    Time is of the essence when you are diagnosed with cancer. Our team will work with your oncologist and create a timeline that allows you to preserve your ability to conceive without risking your wellbeing. Typically, the whole process only takes two to three weeks.
  • You have options
    Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates can cryopreserve, or freeze, sperm, eggs and embryos for use at a later date. When you are ready to start or expand your family, your fertility specialist will walk you through the next steps. With frozen sperm or egg, we will thaw the specimen and then complete fertilization in the lab to produce embryos for transfer. If you have frozen embryos, we would proceed straight to the embryo transfer phase.

Finding out you have cancer will change your life. As you concentrate on getting better, the doctors at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates will focus on protecting your dreams for a family by offering advanced fertility preservation procedures. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about your options.

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Fertility Preservation

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