Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates Patient Resources

At Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we specialize in answers. From uncovering the causes of infertility to providing fertility education resources, our caring staff members are here to help equip you for the journey that lies ahead.

No other fertility center can claim to commit more resources to helping you understand advanced infertility treatments. Our highly trained fertility specialists will meticulously manage your treatment plan but you play an important role, too. We’re passionate about fertility education because it can lead to a successful cycle, so we make sure patients and their partners are well prepared.

For example, following the drug protocol for ovulation induction, IUI or IVF requires precision and commitment. We’ll help train you by offering injection tutorials, educational materials and seminars.

Studies show a mind-body connection to fertility, so we also offer events to connect you with other Dallas-area couples experiencing infertility. Our fertility experts, Dr. Samuel Chantilis, Dr. Karen Lee, Dr. Mika Thomas, Dr. Ravi Gada and Dr. Laura Lawrence lead the field in advanced reproductive technology and frequently direct our fertility education seminars.

The cost of infertility can also add stress to your life. The Dallas Fertility Associates business office team will provide counsel and act as your advocate in dealing with financial matters.

From your first appointment to a successful pregnancy, Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates provide phone, online and in-office support to address all of your questions and concerns so you will feel confident and informed throughout treatment.