Welcome to the Dallas Fertility Center Physician Referral Page

Thank you for your referral to Dallas Fertility Center, one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s most established fertility practices, with locations in Dallas and Southlake. We welcome the opportunity to assist physicians with laboratory services to enhance patient care and diagnostic capabilities.

At Dallas Fertility Center, we are pleased to provide hysterosalpingogram -HSG, andrology and fertility services to your valued patients. In order to expedite the process, please utilize the attached forms prior to the physician consult, or patient appointment with one of our reproductive endocrinologists: Dr. Samuel Chantilis, Dr. Karen Lee, Dr. Mika Thomas, Dr. Ravi Gada and Dr. Laura Lawrence.

HSG Referrals

We provide diagnostic HSG for analysis after tubal sterilization procedures (such as Essure® Micro-insert or Adiana® device), and confirmation of tubal patency and uterine shape in conjunction with an infertility diagnosis.

Please download a referral form here.

Andrology Referrals

If you would like to refer a male patient to Dallas Fertility Center for semen analysis or sperm washing, please complete the form provided here. Our Dallas IVF lab conducts semen analysis between the hours of 8:30 am and 11:30 am Monday thru Saturday. We will contact your patient directly for scheduling. You can expect semen analysis results within 48 hours, and prompt response to your requests for semen prior to fertility procedures.

Please provide a fax number so that we may contact you as soon as results become available.

Fertility Diagnosis and Advanced Reproductive Technologies

To refer a fertility patient for a consultation, Dallas Fertility Center does not require a referral form. Of course, we encourage physicians to contact our office to talk directly to our reproductive endocrinologists. Please ask the receptionist to connect you directly to the physician extensions.

Thank you for your trust in our Dallas fertility center. Referrals to our clinic are handled with professionalism, courtesy and commitment to a positive patient experience. If you would like to speak with a Dallas Fertility Center physician directly, please contact us here.