Your fertility specialist hopes that with spring’s arrival, flu season will go out like a lamb. With flu cases reported into May, it’s not too late to take precautions.

One of the frequently asked questions from women hoping to become pregnant is whether or not inactivated influenza vaccines are safe. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates agree that flu vaccines protect both you and your baby from illness and any complications of the flu.

Fertility doctors address your flu vaccine concerns

Fertility treatment allows you to forecast your targeted month for conception. You may worry about how flu season will coincide with your pregnancy. Rest assured that you can safely receive a flu vaccine during any trimester.

When is the best time to get vaccinated? According to fertility specialists and obgyn doctors, as soon as possible.

While the inactivated flu shot is safe, pregnant women should not receive a live vaccine. Nasal spray vaccines contain the active virus, so you should avoid this form of the flu vaccine and delivery method until after giving birth.

You may have heard that the flu vaccine actually causes the flu. No scientific evidence points to this conclusion.

Another Great Argument for a Flu Shot

You’ve waited long enough to get pregnant, and have gone to great lengths to schedule fertility treatment. Dr. Samuel Chantilis understands how frustrating a delay can feel, so he highly recommends a flu vaccine to protect against an illness that could interfere with your fertility treatment regimen.

Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility specialists and the entire staff roll up their sleeves for the flu vaccine every season. This protects the health of each valued patient, and minimizes the risk of infection. We recommend that fertility patients and their families arrange for a flu vaccine each season, and practice good health habits all year long. Call us to find out more about maximizing your chances for getting pregnant.

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