84405-300x200-EndoAs someone experiencing infertility, you’ve long-since (and safely) discarded the birth control pills, and have a recurring prescription for folic acid. Yes, getting your body ‘pregnancy ready’ takes on a new meaning with oral and/or injectable fertility medications and frequent visits to Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates. You are prepared to go the extra mile!

To maximize your chances for a happy New Year, our fertility specialists offer reproductive best practices and wellness strategies for you to adopt in the coming months.

Top 4 Fertility Boosters for 2014

  1. Shelve the alcohol and quit smoking. Excessive drinking affects sperm count and erectile function in men, and estrogen levels in females. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine links smoking with up to 13 percent of cases of infertility. Your obgyn will reinforce the hazards of drinking and smoking during pregnancy; as fertility specialists, we advise you to adopt healthful habits that impact your ability to get pregnant.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight. You know about doctors’ orders to curb obesity. Fat cells create excess estrogen, and throw off hormonal balance and ovulation. On the other hand, if your New Year’s resolution involves endurance sports, a triathlon or Ironman race, you might want to reconsider. A body mass index that is too low can also disrupt ovulation (or lead to sperm disorders in men). Shoot for a BMI between 20-24.
  3. Complement your fertility treatment with acupuncture. Acupuncture is associated with improved IVF success rates, and thought to improve blood flow to the pelvic region, lower stress and improve hormonal balance. Read more in this Fertility and Sterility article examining the effects of acupuncture on infertility >>>
  4. Find out why more women are freezing. Our fertility clinic is proud to offer oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing). The relatively new advance in reproductive medicine helps protect and preserve fertility for women preparing to undergo cancer treatment. A cycle of ovulation induction and egg retrieval prior to chemotherapy enables women to put precious genetic materials “on ice,” and out of harm’s way. Women who wish to delay family building enjoy the same benefits. Egg freezing expands options for women, and we think that’s reason for celebration.

Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates provides patient resources that cover all the bases as you try to conceive a baby. Simple lifestyle changes and informed decisions can boost the chances for success. Contact us if you would like to make an initial consultation for a fertility workup.

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