For the 1 in 8 couples experiencing infertility, partnering with a fertility specialist makes all the difference.

Successful people maximize their time and achieve career goals by making lists, delegating assignments and prioritizing then tackling the important tasks first. Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates suggests that you apply that same corporate mindset to your job of getting pregnant.

As hard as you work at getting pregnant, physical, hormonal, or even environmental roadblocks may stand in the way of successful conception. Companies hire consultants for their expertise; infertile couples can enlist the help of a fertility specialist.

A diagnosis of infertility applies when couples have tried for more than one year to get pregnant, without a resulting live birth. Women over 35 should seek help after six months. A fertility specialist, like the reproductive endocrinologists at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, can help determine the cause of your infertility, and prescribe a plan for building your family.

The business of getting pregnant

1. Making lists: Track your ovulation

Keep a list of the dates you ovulate and any unusual symptoms you experience each month. Female infertility can be caused by endometriosis, PCOS or other conditions that cause ovulatory dysfunction, which can be treated with hormone therapy. A couple that has tried for over 12 months to get pregnant is considered infertile. Slash that time to six months when the female partner is over 35.

2. Delegating: Partner with a reproductive endocrinologist

At some point, you need to call in an expert to diagnose and treat infertility. A reproductive endocrinologist is an obgyn with additional fellowship training in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders.

3. Tackling the important jobs first: Schedule a fertility workup

A detailed health history, physical exam and blood work can immediately reveal barriers to getting pregnant. Your fertility specialist will use this information to recommend treatment options.

Infertility is a disease, but it is treatable. If you have experienced trouble getting pregnant, contact the compassionate team at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates for answers and a customized treatment plan.

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