Infertility Testing

You’ve Waited Long Enough to Get Pregnant. Infertility Testing Can Help Get You Started

In the coming weeks, you’ll have one of the best fertility clinics in Texas on the case. Dallas Fertility Associates’ reproductive endocrinologists will thoroughly investigate your fertility risk factors to reveal the cause of your delayed pregnancy. A diagnosis will lead to targeted treatment; infertility treatment results in a pregnancy in the vast majority of Dallas Fertility patients.

Understanding Your Fertility

If you are a woman over 35, age is the number one cause for concern. In fact, the chances of getting pregnant on your own after age 35 drop to five percent.

Another statistic that may surprise you: Male infertility accounts for nearly one half of all infertility cases.  At Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we can diagnose and treat simple to complex causes of infertility and will help you overcome almost any barrier to pregnancy.

Fertility evaluation always begins with a physical exam and review of your health history, our Dallas Fertility Specialists will order appropriate blood work and discuss with you fertility risk factors others may have overlooked.

Male Infertility Evaluation

With a male infertility work up, the Dallas Fertility Center adjacent to Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates will provide a thorough semen analysis. We examine the number and quality of sperm in each semen sample.

Female Infertility Evaluation

A physical exam and sonogram will be performed to identify anatomical irregularities, and our fertility doctors will likely order blood work to determine potential hormonal causes of infertility. An accurate infertility diagnosis maps out the fastest route to parenthood. Call the Dallas fertility doctors who care deeply about your plight and will put years of specialized training, the most advanced techniques and the latest technology to work for you.