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The Andrology laboratories at Dallas Fort-Worth Fertility Associates provide onsite tests and services to evaluate the male partner’s fertility potential. 

Our three fully-accredited andrology labs are located in both Dallas (2 locations) and Southlake.  One of our Dallas facilities is conveniently located on the second floor of the Margot Perot Building on the Texas Presbyterian Hospital campus, to simplify the andrology process for referred patients and providers, while our other Dallas location is in our main IVF lab on Glen Lakes Drive, near Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. While two-thirds of infertility causes stem from female factors or unexplained infertility, about one third are due to male factor infertility.  To properly diagnosis, or rule out male factor infertility – it is common practice for the male partner to have their sperm tested. This is called a semen analysis and is done at one of our on-site andrology labs.  

What is a Semen Analysis? 

One of the most common and efficient ways to study male fertility is to perform a semen analysis.  A semen analysis will review:

  • Sperm count (volume and concentration).  Normal ranges include: 
    • 15 million sperm per milliliter or above
    • 39 million sperm per ejaculate or above 
    • >15.6 total motile sperm per ejaculate or above
  • Sperm motility (how well do the sperm swim or move)
  • Sperm morphology (shape) 

The goal of a semen analysis is to understand if the cause of infertility lies in the sperm’s ability to reach the egg naturally.  By taking a snapshot of sperm count, how well sperm move and their shape – we can get a better understanding of the male partner’s overall health. 

Can I Improve My Sperm Count?

While men produce new sperm each day, the lifecycle of most sperm takes about 70 – 80 days to fully mature.  Therefore, it’s possible to impact the quality and quantity of your sperm with a few key lifestyle changes. These include:

  • Taking a daily multivitamin
  • Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise.  Patients that are both overweight or underweight can have an unhealthy sperm count.  
  • Avoiding heavy drinking, cigarette and drug use

Based on the results of the semen analysis, your provider will consult you on the best next steps.  There are several treatment options for patients with male factor infertility and many patients continue on to have successful pregnancies.  

While the semen analysis is one of the most common procedures done at our andrology lab, there are also several other tests and procedures done within an andrology lab.  These include: 

  • Sperm Washing
    • Prepares the sperm for IUI or IVF because it removes the chemicals that may irritate the uterus.  Sperm washing will enhance the effectiveness of the sperm.   
  • Sperm cryopreservation
    • Freezing of sperm to store for future use
  • Testicular sperm extraction (TESE)
    • Removing a small piece of tissue and extracting sperm.  This is for patients who do not have sperm present in their semen. 


Andrology Clinic Appointments 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, please call any of our three locations.

About the Author:

Samuel Chantilis, M.D. is a highly trained and experienced infertility specialist in his hometown of Dallas, TX. He is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and has been practicing in Texas since completing his training in 1993.  Dr. Chantilis was a faculty member at UT Southwestern Medical School for five and a half years before entering private practice in January 1999 at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Dr. Chantilis has been the leading provider of IVF services at the Presbyterian Hospital ARTS program since 1999, having conducted approximately 2,500 egg retrievals.