Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Builds Special “Super Clean”  Room for IVF

Our new IVF laboratory provides a world class facility for the conception of your family. DFW Fertility Associates is a custom built state of the art IVF clinic. All materials used in the construction, from the stainless steel laboratory furniture to the low emission paints in the administration offices, have been chosen to reduce the volatile chemicals or VOCs in the environment.

Our Fertility Clinic Lab is an Intensive Care Unit for Embryos

The miracle of Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) is promoted by a truly clean laboratory environment. Clean, in a sense we only partially appreciate. The laboratory environment must replace the exquisite protection afforded the developing embryos by the mothers’ body. One of the functions of the maternal supports is to protect the developing embryo from chemical and microbial assaults. We consider our laboratory as an Intensive Care Unit for embryos. The machine below is the dedicated custom designed air handler that will clean all of the air in our

IVF Laboratory. Not only will the unit control temperature and relative humidity but will also remove bacteria, mold, virus and this is special… toxic chemicals.

  • HVCA air filter installed on roof of DFW Fertility Center
    The design will insure the chemical level will be 10 times cleaner than traditional ART facilities.
    The lab will be a biological clean room. Using the same type of controls used in aerospace and computer chips, background levels of carcinogens, mutagens or teratogens are reduced by a least factor of 10.
  • Sterile IVF lab pass-through
    The care extends to what materials are used in building the lab. The construction progress has been monitored at frequent intervals to insure the correct building methods are being used. For example, the ductwork serving the IVF laboratory has been chemically cleaned and then sealed to maintain cleanliness.
  • The design was developed by Antonia Gilligan of Alpha Environmental, Inc, the leading firm in ART laboratory design and testing.