Dr. Perez was the first embryology practitioner in the United States to be certified as a Master of Human Embryo Biopsy by the American College of Embryology.

Dr. Perez was born in Mexico City. He received a DVM degree from the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City and his M.S., at University Autonomous of oscar-perezChapingo with an emphasis in animal reproduction. He obtained his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University and performed extensive research on in vitro fertilization at the world renowned Louisiana State University Embryo Biotechnology Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Robert A. Godke. Dr. Perez served as a senior embryologist for several years before being named Laboratory Director at the THR-Presbyterian Hospital Plano ARTS program, and has also overseen other private IVF facilities as an off-site director. He is currently serving as the Scientific Laboratory Director for Dallas Fertility Center having joined Dallas – Fort Worth Fertility Associates in 2015

His expertise encompasses more than 27 years in the field of human and animal embryology. Dr. Perez has performed over 2800 oocyte retrievals, 2500 ICSI cases, 2000 embryo transfers and a considerable number of blastomere and trophectoderm biopsies.

Dr. Perez is a strong advocate for elective single embryo transfer with the main goal of ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

Dr. Perez is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD), Embryology and Andrology Laboratory Director (ELD/ALD) by the American Board of Bioanalysis. He is also a board certified as a Reproductive Embryologist (EMB) by the American College of Embryology and RLAP inspector for the College of American Pathologists. Dr. Perez is a board certified Tissue Bank Specialist by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

Dr. Perez is actively involved in oocyte vitrification research and other areas of assisted reproduction.