For decades, home pregnancy tests and ovulation kits have provided women instant access to fertility indicators. Now couples facing male infertility can buy an at-home tool that measures sperm. The product, called SpermCheck Fertility, tells you whether you have more than 20 million per milliliter of semen.

How Does SpermCheck Fertility work?

This FDA-approved drugstore kit costs about $40 and involves mixing a sample of semen with a solution included in the kit. Consumers then add the mixture to a test strip for results. A red line indicates a “normal” sperm count of over 20 million per milliliter . Results have proven to be nearly as accurate as lab tests.

Why Opt for a Fertility Specialist Over SpermCheck Fertility?

While a basic test for sperm count is helpful, a complete fertility evaluation gives a more accurate assessment. Sperm count can vary from week to week, and is just one factor that can interfere with conception.

A fertility specialist will first evaluate anatomical issues such as varicose veins, screen for hormonal abnormalities and ejaculatory disturbances, and ask about past medical problems.

A thorough semen analysis evaluates the quality and quantity of a sample:

  • Sperm motility (how efficiently sperm ‘swims’ to reach the egg)
  • Sperm morphology (the shape of the sperm, from head to tail)
  • Sperm volume (the amount ejaculated during intercourse)
  • Sperm concentration (the number of sperm present in a sample)

According to Samuel Chantilis, M.D. with Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, an at-home test to measure sperm count is but one image in a complete picture.

“A man with a low sperm count can successfully get his partner pregnant, if no other factors exist,” says Dr. Chantilis. “I’m a fan of any medical advance that increases fertility awareness, but I hope this new at-home kit doesn’t offer false hope or unnecessary concern.”

If you have tried for more than one year to get pregnant, consider a fertility evaluation to determine underlying causes of male infertility or female infertility. Contact Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates about treatment options, ranging from simple modifications to IUI, IVF and ICSI.



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