At Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we know the holidays are a busy time full of feasts and family fun. Whether you are traveling to be with your loved ones or planning your own holiday traditions at home, you may forget to take your fertility drugs in the midst of holiday chaos.

The team at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates wants to keep you on track and encourage conception. We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your fertility drug routine on track.

There’s a Fertility App for That

There are several free medication reminder apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Search through free apps like Med Minder on Google Play and MedCoach Medication Reminder and Dosecast on the Apple App Store. Some of these apps include alerts when your drugs are getting low and easy ways to confirm that you’ve taken your dosage at the right time.

Keep a Fertility Drug Log

When you take your fertility drugs, write down the time and date in a notebook or save it in digital form on your phone. The act of recording your medication schedule will help you remember your fertility drugs, similar to a checklist or to-do list.

Find Your Favorite “Reminder”

Alarms or reminders on your phone can help you remember your fertility medication schedule. If you’re busy cooking or wrapping gifts you may not be glued to your phone throughout the holidays, so find a reliable alarm. It could be a chime on your husband’s wristwatch or appointing your sister with the important task of reminding you.

Sticky Notes Are Your Friend

These brightly colored reminders aren’t just for the office – they can help you remember your fertility drugs also. Even if you aren’t traveling far, you may be visiting your mother, your sister or your aunt for the holidays. A sticky note attached to your purse, your door or your car keys can help you remember your fertility drugs, even when you are in a rush.

Be Prepared

If your fertility drugs are to be kept at a certain temperature, pack a small cooler to bring your drugs with you. Ice packs made for lunch boxes are easier and less messy than ice. Keep a few on hand and rotate them through the freezer at your hotel or at your relative’s house if you’re away from home.

Finally, take some time for you and your partner during the holidays. Stay connected and intimate through the season of cheer, and enjoy your families and each other. The doctors at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates are here to help you achieve your dreams of motherhood.

Contact us if you’re experiencing problems conceiving, and happy holidays from us to you.

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