Mother’s Day messages will make you feel anything but ‘happy’ when you suffer from infertility. Gift stores, florists and restaurants remind us to remember mom on May 13th. Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates takes a different stance: Remember the 1 in 7 couples that can’t get pregnant.

Couples experiencing infertility may feel especially singled out during motherhood month. Whether you are currently undergoing infertility treatment, or just beginning to suspect a problem, Mother’s Day will add extra stress to an already difficult situation.

Treating infertility involves more than ovulation induction or intrauterine insemination (IUI). The specialists at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates recognize the importance of a mind-body connection to overall health.

This Mother’s Day, take proactive steps to minimize stress

1. Know your limits.

Give yourself permission to avoid Mother’s Day gatherings with the extended family or restaurants packed with moms and adorable babies.

2. Redirect your focus.

Create a photo book, find a special gift or write a letter celebrating your own mother. Tell her what her legacy means to you. If you haven’t already shared your struggles to get pregnant with her, consider asking your mom for her support.

3. Take a vacation from trying

Plan a long weekend away to reconnect as a couple. If you are undergoing IUI or IVF, talk with your fertility doctor about the best time to schedule your escape.

4. Renew your efforts

Approximately 80 percent of couples who partner with a fertility specialist will have a happy ending. If you haven’t already investigated all of the options available—from IUI and IVF to genetic testing and donor eggs and sperm—make a point to do so this month.

5. Treat yourself

You don’t have to be a mom to take advantage of the deals and packages that spas, stores and hotels offer this month. You will be a mom one day, so get a jump start on pampering yourself in May.

The goal of Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates is to make next Mother’s Day a joyous occasion. To make an appointment with a fertility specialist, contact us or read more about fertility causes on our website.

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