Take Control of the Calendar with Elective Egg Freezing


Buying Time to Start a Family

21100487_sHave you flipped the calendar to August, only to realize that you’re halfway through another year without prospects for a permanent relationship, or without time to start a family because you’re climbing the career ladder? You’d like to plan a family – just not right now.

For the most part, only people younger than 21 look forward to becoming older. You’ve heard kids add a “half” to their ages, e.g. age 10 and a half or almost 18. But as you enter your 30s, you realize that Mother Nature has a timetable and your chances of starting a family are beginning to decline. Our Dallas area fertility specialists remind women that they have options within their control. Women can choose elective egg freezing to preserve this moment in time, before the supply and quality of eggs significantly drop.

Set a Date to Discuss Your Options

Take this time to figure out what’s right for you. Make an appointment to consult with the reproductive endocrinologists at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates about elective egg freezing.

The egg freezing process is similar to IVF, and includes these steps:

There’s no need to worry that time is passing you by. Earn that promotion, find true love, enjoy freedom from watching the calendar and delay concerns about summer vacations and back-to-school sales.

We understand that everyone isn’t on the same schedule for life plans. That is why it is important to talk to an expert about preserving your options for the future. Contact the reproductive endocrinologists at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates to learn how you can save your future fertility by choosing elective egg freezing today.


Egg Freezing

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