TMI: How much to share about infertility with family, friends and co-workers


This time of year, the holiday party chatter will undoubtedly turn to your plans to get pregnant. Are you planning to have a baby and when you will get started will probably come up, whether at a family dinner or office gathering. Deciding as a couple how much to share can help you shut down the fertility inquisition and maintain your privacy.

Practice your fertility comebacks.

Corporate executives often undergo media training to prepare them for a reporter’s tough questions. This involves rehearsing answers and knowing what information to share and which details to withhold. This tactic can help you field questions about family planning.

If you’ll just relax/adopt, you’ll get pregnant.

Thanks, but I’m taking action by seeing a fertility specialist to help overcome this disease that affects 1 in 8 couples and plan to follow his/her treatment plan.

When are you planning to have kids?

About (fill in the blank) years ago, actually. I used to believe I had total control over that timeline. Our plan now is to work with a fertility specialist.

If you want to get pregnant, you should just…

Thanks for the advice, but our reproductive endocrinologist is an Obgyn with an additional three years of fellowship training in reproductive disorders. We feel confident that his/her specialized training offers us our best chance to get pregnant.

Build an infertility support system.

Struggling with infertility can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Let your close friends and family know that you need their support and listening ears. Ask for their understanding when you have to decline invitations to baby showers or child-focused holiday occasions. Carefully choose your circle of care, and then set boundaries. For example, ask that your friends and family refrain from calling you the day of test results.

Think carefully about mentioning plans to become pregnant around co-workers, acquaintances or any person who adds stress to the situation. Your fertility treatment will expose you to invasive tests and a drug regimen that causes hormonal surges. Inviting unsupportive people into this life hurdle could exacerbate your pain and grief.

To find out more about dealing with infertility, contact the experts at Dallas Fertility Center.

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