During this time of year, the holidays tend to add stress as people juggle parties, shopping and family gatherings. For couples trying to get pregnant, the pressure of these added responsibilities can feel overwhelming. The team at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates has suggestions to help you survive the time from Halloween until after New Year’s.

Dealing with Infertility during the holidays

Although it’s never easy to struggle with getting pregnant, you may feel especially sensitive during the holidays. The following recommendations may make life a little easier:

Be prepared

As you pack for a trip back to Grandma’s house, figure out the best way to carry and store any fertility medications you need. If you don’t want to let family members in on your treatments, consider storing the medications in a non-descript container.

Try the low-tech approach

Because this time of year often involves extended visits with family, you may decide to take a break from your fertility treatment regimen. Plan to relax and enjoy intimacy when you can as opposed to following a rigid schedule.

Pamper yourself

Although you may feel like everything is geared towards children this time of year, look for opportunities to enjoy grown-up indulgences. Spend a whole day at the spa, buy tickets to the ballet or make reservations at a five-star restaurant for you and your spouse.

Step back

The neighborhood Santa party or the annual luncheon with all of the grandchildren might feel like too much this year. Gently explain to friends and family that you are limiting activities that involve babies and young children while you are trying to conceive.

If you would like help getting pregnant, call our office to schedule a consultation appointment. The team at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates can identify and treat common causes of infertility.

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Infertility and the holidays

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