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Scott Purcell, PhD.

Scott Purcell, PhD.

The same things that keep you up at night consume our fertility specialists and IVF lab embryologists. For instance, when you choose frozen donor eggs for your  IVF cycle, what is the optimal number of oocytes (eggs) to thaw for the best result and lowest cost?

Scott Purcell, PhD, an embryologist with Dallas Fertility Center, looked at trends over the past several years and concluded that frozen donor egg IVF cycles with 6-9 eggs thawed results in an 80 percent success rate. We are looking for the maximum success rate with the lowest cost for frozen donor eggs.

A typical egg donor will have about 18 eggs per stimulation cycle.

Dallas Fertility Center presented Dr. Purcell’s study findings at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Boston, MA.

Watch here to see Scott’s poster presentation: Optimal Number of Oocytes Needed to Optimize Pregnancy in a Oocyte Donor Cycle>>>

Why Consider Frozen Donor Eggs?

Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates works with couples to maximize their chances for getting pregnant. When advanced maternal age depletes a woman’s egg supply, we sometimes recommend IVF with donor eggs. Frozen egg banks are becoming a more popular option for couples that choose the donor egg option to grow their family. Banked frozen eggs give a cost effective option and quick progression to embryo transfer and pregnancy.

Some Facts about Frozen Donor Egg Cycles

  • Frozen egg cycles enjoy success rates that rival and in some cases exceed ‘fresh’ donor IVF cycles.
  • Egg donors that donate to  frozen egg banks are young, healthy women with good quality eggs.
  • Pregnancy rates with donor egg IVF trend high for advanced maternal age patients.
  • Having access to banked frozen eggs defrays the cost of fresh donor cycles and allows couples to move more quickly to pregnancy than traditional fresh donor egg cycles.

Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates attends conferences such as ASRM to share research findings with other fertility specialists and scientists, and learn more about best practices in reproductive medicine. Small changes in protocols, as well as big breakthroughs, combine to give you the best chance for getting pregnant.

If you are considering frozen donor egg IVF, contact us at our Dallas fertility center.

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