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New in 2012

Accepted for publication: Fertility and Sterility Oct. 2012

Potential of inner cell mass outgrowth and amino acid turnover as markers of quality in the in vitro
fertilization laboratory
: Ravi P. Gada, M.D., Gaurang S. Daftary, M.D., David L. Walker, M.S., Jean M. Lacey, B.A. Dietrich Matern, M.D., Ph.D., and Dean E. Morbeck, Ph.D.


Poster Presentations

HCV-Positive Intended Parents May Be Safely Used for Gestational Carrier Cycles Using RT-PCR Testing and Extended Embryo Culture: MR Thomas, TR Ferguson, D Oliver, DG Hammitt, SJ Chantilis.

Effect of Artificial Collapse and Equilibration Times on Survival of Human Blastocysts Following Vitrification Using a Closed Double Straw System: CA Guerrero, O Perez, J Goldstein, S ChantilisK Lee, D Hammitt.

High Survival of Human Hatched Blastocysts after Blastocoele Collapse Prior to Vitrification Using a Closed System: CA Guerrero, T Ferguson, S ChantilisK Lee, J Goldstein, D Hammitt.

Propanediol is an Efficient Substitute for Dimethyl Sulfoxide in the Vitrification of Oocytes and Cleavage Stage Embryos: CA Guerrero, D Ward, S ChantilisK Lee, J Goldstein, D Hammitt.

Re-Freezing Blastocysts:  A Prospective Randomized Study Comparing Slow Freezing and Vitrification: CA Guerrero, R Young, T Ferguson, S Chantilis, A Rodriguez, D Hammitt.

Fertilization Rate:  A Simple Indirect Marker to Predict Clinical Outcome: CA Guerrero, S Chantilis, J Goldstein, A Rodriguez, J Douglas, D Hammitt.

High Survivability of Vitrified Human Oocytes and Cleavage Stage Embryos after Exposure to Shipping Conditions in a Dry Shipper for 96 Hours: CA Guerrero, S Chantilis, J Goldstein, K Lee,

J Douglas, D Hammitt.

Effects of exogenous testosterone supplementation in gonadotropin stimulated cycles. Mika Thomas; Human Reproduction

Transactivation of the epidermal growth factor receptor is involved in the lutropin receptor-mediated down-regulation of ovarian aromatase expression in vivo: M. Thomas; Molecular Endocrinology


Oral Presentations

Late Luteal Bleeding in IVF Cycles Supplemented With Both Crinone And Oral Estradiol: JP Toner, SJ Chantilis, KL Lee

What Do Excellent IVF Programs Do?  Oocyte Retrieval, Embryo Transfer And Luteal Phase Support:MR Thomas, AE Sparks, LL Mains, BJ Stegmann, GL Ryan, BJ Van Voorhis

Recipients Of Advanced Age Undergoing Oocyte Donation Have Poorer Clinical Outcomes, C Guerrero, S Chantilis, K Lee, A Rodriguez, R Kaufmann, D Hammitt

Normalization Of The Live-Birth Sex Ratio After Human Blastocyst Transfer From Optimized Culture Conditions, JD Madden, SJ Chantilis, JW Douglas, AJ Rodriguez, AR Guerami, M Meintjes

Oocyte Maturation Rate:  An Indicator Of Clinical Outcome, C Guerrero, D Bookout, S Chantilis, A Rodriguez, R Kaufmann, D Hammitt

Effect Of Prefreeze Trophoblast Quality On Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Implantation (IR) And Live Birth Rates (LBR), T. Ferguson, D. Ward, SJ Chantilis, KL Lee, D Bookout, DG Hammitt

Trophoblast Quality Can Improve Birth Rates From Frozen Embryo Transfers, T Ferguson, D Ward, S Chantilis, K Lee, D Bookout, D Hammitt