Patient Testimonials

from our patients

At Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we’ve been growing family trees since 1999. We understand that every patient’s path to parenthood is unique and our team of physicians can help build families in a way that works best for you.

A Patient Story // The Adair Family

“After being a patient for 3 years, I have only amazing things to say about Dr. Lawerence, her staff, and the entire DFW fertility team. From daily appointments, retrievals, transfers, minor procedures, and more, every person we came in contact with was caring and made us feel loved. Thank you for our sweet baby, Riggs.”

– The Adair Family

The Adair family shares their IVF story with Dr. Lawrence at DFW Fertility Associates.

A Patient Story // The Cagle Family

Chris and Carly's Story a Patients Path to Parenthood

"It is so hard. It is such a dark place. But there are doctors that...

“There are doctors that know what they’re doing. If you’re ready to be a Mom, this is where you need to be.”

Carly Cagle

A Patient Story // The Choi Family

“Dallas Fertility Associates have the best doctors and staffs in town. I am so glad I found Dr Thomas. She and her team are amazing!”

– The Choi Family

"Dr. Gada is a godsend! When I first saw him in office, I was 35 years old, single but wanting to be a mother one day, and unsure about egg freezing, and unsure what all of my fertility options were. He gave me the information I needed to in order to help me make the best choice for myself (which based on my clinical results, was reassuring me that I could still wait a year before freezing and get similar results). That reassurance changed my life because I didnt feel pressured to do anything sooner than needed, and I spent a glorious year not worried about fertility. Dr. Gada managed my expectations right up front by giving clear numbers for outcomes, explained the differences between fertility treatments, and most importantly - empowered me to make the best decision for myself, with my goals in mind. Now at 39, I am back in the office and ready to start my family, and I can't imagine getting back on the path to fertility with any other practitioner! His team, including Erica, who worked with me alongside Dr. Gada 3 years ago, and Amy at the front, both handled all of my questions throughout, and made every step forward so clear! This office is so well organized and everyone communicates so clearly and quickly, that I know I am still in good hands. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A MOM! Thanks, Dr. Gada!"

A Patient Story // The Hanson Family

Alex and Johnny's Story A Patient's Path to Parenthood

I felt like she really listened to us, and what was important to...

“We would meet with Dr. Lee at every major decision point. I feel like she really listened to us and how we want to grow our family. Dr. Lee and here colleagues they’re experts. They have seen so many people struggle like we struggled in different ways.”

– Alex Hanson

A Patient Story // The Hill Family

“Y’all made these precious twins possible for me. Dr. Gada and Dallas Fertility Associates definitely answered my prayers! To all of those couples who feel all hope is lost, don’t! Hang in there, you are in the best possible hands!”

– The Hill Family

A Patient Story // The Fikenbiner Family

Chris and Carly's Story a Patients Path to Parenthood

"It is so hard. It is such a dark place. But there are doctors that...

"My experience with Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates (Plano office) was incredible. I had a horrible experience with a previous Fertility clinic. The moment I stepped into Dr. Shannon’s office and realized how much detail she had on me and how much thought she put into my protocol I was instantly relieved. Dr. Shannon was incredibly knowledgeable about the clinical aspect of fertility including in-depth knowledge about supplements, lifestyle changes, and medication protocols based on your personal levels that really blew me away. Whereas I felt like a number at my previous clinic, Dr. Shannon made me feel like an individual. The office staff is very welcoming and kind. Dr. Shannon’s staff left voicemails and emails for me directly (not messages through a portal) and I could get ahold of them very quickly. The surgical staff was fabulous, and the lab staff was very helpful. Previously, I couldn’t communicate with anyone (including the doctor) without going through office management first. At DFWFA I could speak to everyone directly. I wasn’t stressed one second of the process and I felt heard and cared for. So much so that it felt too good to be true compared to my previous experience. I could have saved myself so much time, money, and extreme frustration if I had only started with Dr. Shannon first. I will be forever grateful to this clinic and Dr. Shannon."

“DFW Fertility Associates was great for us. Dr. Chantilis was exactly the answer that we needed. He listened to us, he helped us through the egg donor process. It was nice to have a bigger support system. Definitely reach out to Dr. Chantilis and the staff at DFW Fertility Associates and let the help you through this.”

– Julie Finkenbiner

Julie and Jono share their egg donor and gestational carrier journey with Dr. Chantilis at DFW Fertility Associates.