LGBTQ Family Building

Options for same-sex couples to build the family of their dreams.

LGBTQ Family Building Options

Many same-sex couples turn to fertility treatments to help them realize their dream of parenthood. At DFW Fertility Associates, we offer a range of affordable treatment options to the LGBTQ community to help you achieve your family building goals.

Family Building for Female Couples

For same-sex female couples, family building options include intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor sperm. Many also consider using reciprocal IVF, where one partner donates her eggs for IVF treatment using donor sperm, and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the other partner to carry the pregnancy. This option allows both female partners to physically participate in the family building process. DFW Fertility Associates also works with all commercial sperm banks. Depending on the health assessments and wishes of the parents-to-be, these treatments may be paired with other infertility treatments and services.

Family Building for Male Couples

Family building for same-sex male couples usually involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) using a donor egg and a gestational carrier. At DFW Fertility Associates, we believe in giving our patients a variety of options for family building, including third-party reproductive services. That’s why we offer in-house programs for both donor eggs and gestational carriers. Our patients can choose to work with our in-house coordinators, or we will also work with a variety of agencies for both egg donation and gestational carrier services.

Affording Care

You can’t put a value on becoming a parent but weighing the potential costs of fertility treatment is an important step in the process, especially for couples who may not have insurance coverage. While the cost of your treatment does matter when considering your options, many of our patients discover that it is more affordable than anticipated. During your initial consultation, one of our expert reproductive endocrinologists will review your health history, family building goals, and insurance coverage (if applicable) to help you determine your treatment plan. Our financial counselors will then work with you to help you understand costs and financial considerations.

Other Considerations for LGBTQ Couples

The path to parenthood for LGBTQ couples can seem overwhelming at times. Intended parents who choose third-party reproductive treatments can face a wide range of challenges, including emotional and legal considerations. At DFW Fertility Associates, we refer patients to our network of preferred affiliates, including reproductive legal specialists and mental health professionals, for additional support.

LGBTQ Family Building Resources

At DFW Fertility Associates, we specialize in answers. From helping patients discover their path to parenthood to providing fertility education resources, our caring staff members are here to help equip you for the journey that lies ahead. In addition to our general resources page, we recommend the following websites for information about LGBTQ family building.

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