Insurance Providers With Dallas - Fort Worth Fertility Associates

Insurance Providers With DFW Fertility Associates

Does Insurance Cover IVF?

While insurance doesn’t always cover IVF, your insurance may cover a portion of the expenses. For example, some insurance companies cover monitoring (visits to the office for bloodwork and ultrasounds while your eggs are growing) or some of your medications.

Some insurance plans also offer something called lifetime maximums. This is the maximum dollar amount that an insurance plan will cover, over your lifetime, for fertility treatments. The insurance company will often provide a dollar amount and it’s up to you how you’d like to spend it.

Because insurances and costs can vary based on your individual plan, we recommend the following steps in order to maximize your benefits.

  1. Set an initial consult with Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates. A consult is your first meeting with one of our fertility specialists. This is the information gathering stage. The goal is to understand your fertility treatment options, cost of IVF and a suggested next step should you decide to proceed.
  2. While setting your appointment, please provide your insurance carrier and plan number. Our staff will verify your benefits and ensure initial diagnostic tests are covered (we find that at minimum most insurance companies cover these). Ultimately, it is also important that you also check your benefits with your insurance carrier.
  3. At the initial consult, the staff at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates will have a copy of your insurance benefits. The provider will take these benefits into consideration while recommending the treatment that is best for you. For example, some insurance companies will require several IUI treatments before proceeding to IVF. All insurance coverage will be taken into consideration to lower the cost of IVF.

If you are a patient that must pay out of pocket for all treatment costs, self-pay options will be reviewed during your consultation. Dallas - Fort Worth Fertility Associates also partners with ARC Fertility to provide financing for IVF.

The first step in determining the full cost of your IVF treatment plan is booking a consult. We recommend requesting records from past providers if you have undergone any fertility treatments prior to your consultation with Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates. This will ensure the physician has a clear understanding of your fertility history.