Financing Fertility Treatment

Help in paying for fertility treatment.

Fertility Financing Options

Some insurance providers offer coverage or some or all parts of the fertility journey. Prior to your first visit at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, we review your coverage to find out just what that coverage might be. Generally, that coverage might include diagnostics for both male and female partners, surgeries, or other parts of the journey (subject to deductibles, co-pays, and plan limits). No matter what your situation is, your financial counselor will help you navigate your plan so that you understand the costs that you will be responsible for.

For many patients, financing is necessary for affording fertility treatment. We work with ARC Fertility Financing, a trusted company that helps patients with the cost of IVF through trusted lending partners. Enrolling in ARC Fertility Financing helps with the burden of fertility treatment cost through an extended payment program and manageable monthly payments. They also offer options to fund genetic testing and medications. Interested patients can learn more about the program and what is needed to enroll by talking to our knowledgeable financial counselors.

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