Embryo Donation

Third-party reproduction and embryo donaton

At Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, our fertility experts encourage patients to consider all possible solutions for fertility issues. As part of our mission to help all baby dreams come true, we are proud to offer solutions for each fertility situation. One valuable option for couples having trouble getting pregnant after trying other fertility treatments is embryo donation.

Embryo Donation is a Creative Path to Pregnancy

Many couples that go through the IVF process create more embryos than they end up needing. These embryos can safely remain frozen for long periods of time and still be used for future pregnancies. This means that there are “extra” healthy embryos that could produce successful pregnancies for another couple. When a woman uses the embryos from another couple (the donor couple) to become pregnant, this is called embryo donation.

At Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates we ensure that donors meet our highest standards for the healthiest embryos and most successful results. Donors are thoroughly screened for infectious diseases and any other conditions that might be cause for concern.

Embryo Donation and IVF

With embryo donation, the IVF procedure is the same as it would be with the couple’s own embryos. Hormone treatments are given to prepare the uterus for implantation, and then one or more embryos are transferred into the uterus. The only difference with an embryo donation IVF procedure is that instead of using an embryo created from the couple’s sperm and egg, the donated embryo is used. The cost of the IVF procedure is less when donor embryos are used. (For more details about how IVF works at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates, please refer to our IVF page)

Legal Concerns with Embryo Donation

Under Texas statute, any child conceived through Donor Embryo Donation is considered to be the legal child of both the husband and the wife, and not the donor. The signed consent form indicating your understanding of this Texas law will be kept on file.

Good Candidates for Embryo Donation

Embryo donation might be considered for:

  • Couples that have tried other fertility treatments without success and would still like the experience of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Couples with certain genetic conditions concerned with passing the gene on to their children.
  • Couples that have undergone cancer treatment in cases where chemotherapy or radiation may negatively impact fertility.

Our fertility experts at Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates have extensive success bringing babies into the lives of couples who have experienced fertility challenges. Contact our friendly team to schedule an evaluation so we can help you decide what is the best fertility path for your situation.