Male Fertility Testing

If you're' having trouble conceiving, it's important that both partners are tested.

Fertility Testing for Men

Male factor infertility affects 30-40% of all couples that have trouble conceiving. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive and have been unsuccessful for 12 months (6 months if you or your partner are over the age of 35), it might be time for the both of you to seek specialized care to investigate what might be causing your inability to become pregnant.

Male Fertility Testing

While finding answers may feel daunting, having a better understanding of your fertility can help put you on track to build your family. Here at Dallas - Fort Worth Fertility Associates, our team of experienced professionals work closely with you to make the testing process comfortable and quick.

Your Fertility Assessment

Since a conception issue can be either male or female factor (or both), it is important for each partner to get tested. We encourage everyone to start the testing process simultaneously to ensure a diagnosis can be found promptly and treatment can begin without any time lost.

For males, the testing process is simple and seeks to understand the volume, concentration, and motility of your sperm, and the functionality of your reproductive system. These tests help your physician determine if an issue lies in production, ejaculation, sperm function, or if there is a blockage.

A sperm analysis is the most common test that is ordered to determine male factor infertility. Typically, this test is performed via a semen collection done in the comfort of your own home and delivered to one of our offices. Then, our lab performs several tests to determine your Total Motile Sperm Count. If these numbers come back abnormal, we often perform the test again to check for consistency before making a final diagnosis and treatment plan.

While a semen analysis can be performed through any of our office locations in Dallas, Southlake, Medical City or Plano, you may be asked to complete some tests with one of our trusted urologists.

What Comes Next?

Sometimes, just understanding what might be causing difficulty in becoming pregnant can help put you at ease. At Dallas Fort - Worth Fertility Associates, there is no obligation to continue with any treatment plan, even after receiving your test results.

If you do decide to pursue fertility treatment, your physician will work with you to help come up with the best treatment plan for you and evaluate your potential success rate based on your age, lifestyle, and results from your tests. Occasionally, lifestyle changes can affect male reproduction, so avoiding smoking, pesticide exposure, reducing alcohol intake, or changing your diet or exercise routine may help to improve your fertility. And other times, a little help such as an IUI or IVF can get your family moving in the proper direction to start a family.

Our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists can provide you with the highest level of care and compassion along your fertility journey.

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